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In the physical world shopping is highly social - with friends and family inspiring new purchases. Today’s ecommerce is the opposite - solitary and all too static. It’s 2013 but product catalogs and shopping carts are still the norm for most retail sites.

Buyers have turned to social media for purchase inspiration but all of their precious sharing and buying advice is now beached across numerous social islands.

Commerce providers only help this dynamic with a sitewide sprawl of social icons that confuse and ultimately pull users away from the core of commerce. Even successful social strategies deliver a measly 1 or 2% of referral traffic to commerce sites and conversion rates average just .7%. The questionable ROI of social marketing is made worse when retailers lose valuable user generated content (UGC) that could dramatically improve search engine rankings, conversion rates and order value - all while lowering support costs.

Some commerce businesses have pushed their shopping carts into the social networks so purchases are made in the communities themselves. But that’s intrusive – like an insurance rep pitching coverage policies to friends at a cocktail party.

The solution? Bring the best parts of social directly into the core of commerce. Enable brand fans and your own experts to inspire your other 97 percent of visitors that are untapped idle browsers. Real Social Commerce solutions crowdsource buyers that then build brand-focused collaboration directly on your native site. Through the power of community, new purchase paths blossom as users curate their own shop windows, answer questions and invite more friends to shop with them - all on your site.

Blucarat Social

Blucarat Social is a powerful, Cloud-based solution for retailers that crave community creation directly on their site; closer to the “zero moment of truth” when purchase decisions are made. Built with input from top 500 Internet Retailer CEOs and operators, it is the fastest and easiest way to create a magnet for social activity directly on your commerce site that instantly increases traffic, conversions and order value.

Blucarat Social enables social at the core of the eCommerce experience by empowering users to interact with one another during critical path to purchase activities. With it, you can foster the exchange and real-time sharing of product reviews, product recommendations and photos that create purchase inspirations.

Blucarat Social is optimized to run on the Blucarat Commerce platform but operates seamlessly on all commerce platforms including Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, demandware, IBM, ATG and any others.

Because Blucarat Social is a software as a service (SaaS) solution, it completely bypasses the need for any new software, hardware or infrastructure. This innovative approach to Social Commerce implements in hours via a simple javascript embed (similar to Google Analytics) that activates an opt-in “Social Bar” at the bottom of any commerce site. Shoppers join real-time discussions with fellow customers, friends, family or designated customer service experts to guide purchase decisions. Any public discussion content is saved so future users can access a rich set of historical information (like FAQs) for purchase inspiration. Features of the custom branded Social Bar include:

  • Social Network Authentication
  • Social Network Syndication
  • Social Forum
  • Forum Filtering
  • Expert Advice
  • Social Bar Offers
  • Curated Collections
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Photo Sharing
  • Social Gamification
  • Social Targeting
  • Email Trigger Notifications

Blucarat Commerce

Blucarat Commerce is the world’s first socially enabled commerce platform at the core. The platform is a production-proven, easy to operate Commerce platform purpose-built to render pages and execute transactions at lightning-fast speeds. Architected for the global Windows Azure network used by half of the Fortune 500, Blucarat Commerce scales instantly on demand and bypasses the need for costly IT planning and administration. Years of development have produced a feature-rich content management system and transaction engine designed to address all the needs of online retailers. Blucarat Commerce is fully integrated with Blucarat Social, delivering a single integrated platform for Social Commerce that is used daily by leading online retailers. Notable features include:

Marketing and Promotional Tools
Launch your next sale painlessly using the Blucarat Commerce promotion builder. Choose from a variety of different parameters, including sale scheduling, discount amounts, free shipping, gift with purchase, minimum order value, and other thresholds.

F-commerce Integration
The Blucarat Commerce content management system enables commerce providers to manage both their native site and F-commerce sites from a single system.

Blucarat Social
Blucarat Social creates an instant community of like-minded consumers that become brand ambassadors that open new purchase paths to your catalog.

Performance Assurance
Blucarat Commerce employs a collection of APIs known as the PFX framework to break up computationally intensive code by leveraging multiple CPUs. The result is a commerce site that renders pages and executes transactions lightning fast.

Easy Order and Return Processing
Quickly see which orders have received payment, are still being processed, or have been returned or canceled.

Tax and Shipping Calculations
Even the most complex tax and shipping calculations are automatically applied based on your business rules.

Supports All Device Types
Responsive CSS3: Blucarat Commerce sites use HTML5 and CSS3 responsive design, creating an optimal viewing experience for your site visitors whether accessed by phone, tablet, TV or traditional PC.

Integrated SEO
Blucarat Commerce allows you to customize all on page SEO requirements including H1, title and other meta tags via a easy to use admin interface to ensure high search engine results and page rank capabilities. XML site maps are automatically created and can be further customized to tune search engine rankings Keyword infused content subsidization allows page differentiation and incisive finds.

PayPal Integration
Blucarat Commerce integrates PayPal PayFlow Pro for payment processing, which means that stringent security settings stop issues before they happen, and a dedicated team of security analysts constantly monitors your account.

Blucarat's social ecommerce platform dashboard

Blucarat command

Blucarat provides feature-rich administration and analytics for both Blucarat Social and Blucarat Commerce solutions. The Blucarat Command tool separates functions between Social and Commerce oriented activities providing one or both consoles based on configuration. Using a highly intuitive web-based interface, Blucarat Command can be accessed from nearly any device and does not require specialized software or hardware. Some of the most used features of Blucarat Command include:

Automatic Profanity Filtering
Blucarat Command rewrites any user generated profanities as set of asterisks so that retailers can be assured that their communities maintain decorum. It deploys with a database of recognizable vulgarities that can be customized and updated as needed.

Competitive Controls
We know that competitors do frequent community sites in hopes of creating defectors. Blucarat Command blocks competitive URLs and names altogether or in a less strict setting, ensure that any URLs beyond the commerce company’s brand are not hyperlinked or easily shared with others.

Troll Moderation
Website and or marketing managers can suspend a user’s community participation temporarily or block them permanently through an easily navigated user interface. Search and filtering tools locate offensive behavior to ease moderation.

Q&A Administration
Site owners are assured that community members receive quick answers through robust administration controls in Blucarat Command. Customer service representatives can quickly find and respond to unanswered questions in multiple ‘expert personas’ and delete inaccurate responses.

Manage Email Notifications
Blucarat Command will automatically notify community members if they have received a reply to a previous comment or question as well as alert them to any questions sent directly to them. Notification frequency can be set to any interval desired.

Blucarat's social solution dashboard